Sunday, 7 July 2013


We have intended to come visit this very-affordable-french-restaurant at Purvis Street. And each time we come, there is always a long queue outside. So we never have the chance to taste it. We came additionally on a Friday and reach about 6.30pm. There was no queue... Finally!

Mushroom Cappuccino

It really does look like a cup of cappuccino especially with the foam at the top. Other than the outlook, I don't see anything special about this soup. It's kinda diluted. So if you are the one who loves thick and creamy mushroom soup, this is not for you.

Price: $4.90


A roulade of chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce cut into 6 small slices. They are layed on some 3-4 mouthful of creamy basmatic rice with Parmesan sauce. The taste of it is alright. When it came, I told B that we are so going to have prata later. I have also added sauteed potatoes for sides. The potatoes are awesome. They are basically crispy and salty on the outside. $2 for the portion you see on top, I think that is pretty worth it.

Price for Chicken: $9.90
Price for Sauteed Potatoes: $2


The pork belly does look good and tasty. The meat is tender and not overcook to. Not a huge piece if you are wondering how big it is. It is a size that you will not be full even after finishing up the entire plate of food. It is served with some creamy green lentils and soft boil egg at the side. B ordered potato au gradin for her side. There is nothing special about this potato. The sauteed potato will be a better choice.

Price for Pork: $10.90
Price for Potato Au Gratin: $3

Salted Caramel Lava Cake

This is from the separate special menu. I love salted caramel and this is almost perfect to me. The only thing that will probably make me come back to Saveur again will be this dessert. And the next time I will order 2 for myself. 1 for sharing is way too little especially if your partner likes it too. Both of you probably can only have a taste of 3-4 spoons each.

Price: $9.90

The portion for the food is really little. And therefore I wouldn't say that the price is cheap. It's more like paying lesser for a much smaller portion. The food is alright and liked I have mentioned, the salted lava caramel cake is the only reason that I will be back. But if I have to queue like a 30mins just for the cake, then I would rather eat it elsewhere.

Address: 5 Purvis St Talib Court #01-04

Food: 3/5 Burps 
Service: 3.5/5 Burps
Price: 3/5 Burps

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