Sunday, 24 February 2013


Happened to chance upon this Japanese restaurant when we went to Mediya the previous time. There seem to be a queue each time we passed by, thus we decided to give it a try.

I was attracted by the sushi platter menu as the price was so cheap that I couldn't believe it. I was expecting the price to be slightly steep here but I was totally wrong.

The Okosama and Cunkan set are for kids by the way.

I have ordered the Uni and Ebiko sushi seperately as they are not included in the platter. The ebiko sushi is just another pretty standard one. But the Uni doesn't taste that good. I had the first uni sushi in Tokyo last month and I have to say that in my opinion this one doesn't taste as fresh.

Sushi Set Numazu

All of them were really fresh and the raw fish, squid and prawn are thick and big in size. I thought it was really worth it to pay just $9.60 for this set!

Price: $9.60

Sushi Set Suruga

this is the more premium set as you can see there are a few more premium sushi such as the Ikura and Negitoro.

Price: $17.40

Both sets come with a bowl of miso soup and salad.

Jakokatsu (Deep fried fish paste cutlet)

This is something new and I will give it a thumbs up. It is not to oily either.

Price: $5.80

Address: 177 River Valley Road B1-48 Liang Court

Food: 4/5 Burps
Service: 3/5 BurpsPrice: 4/5 Burps

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Exchange

Situated in the CBD, the Exchange is a place where many working crowds will gather especially during their Wednesdays ladies night. All ladies get free martinis every Wednesday from 6 - 9pm. It is very crowded whenever that time of the week comes.

We settled our last minute Valentine's Day dinner here and I was lucky enough to be able to reserve a seat for 2 on the day itself during lunch time. I guess it is due to the location, thus it was not pack during dinner time.

We decided to try out their Valentine's day set meal since the price is really reasonable and it is to our liking.

Ice cappacino

Oysters with tobiko

The oysters are really fresh and it goes well with the tobiko topped on it as it gives it a natural salty flavour.

Yellow fin tuna

My favorite for the entire meal has got to be this. I'm a fan of tuna and these 3 thick chunks of tuna has a burnt taste on the outside and the fresh tuna taste on the inside. I can have a plateful of them.

Roasted prawns and hand made pasta

The texture of the pasta is just nice for my liking. It is not too soft and yet not as hard as those we tasted in Italy. The langoustine broth that the pasta are soaked in is really good. However the bad side is that the pasta tasted way too salty.

Duo of chocolate for two

The molten lava cake was a disappointment. This is probably the driest lava cake I have ever eaten. The texture of the cake is as dry as a normal sponge cake. Although the chocolate in the cake is still melted, the rest of the cake is really dry. We know that for molten lava cake, the cake is usually moist. There is nothing to shout about for the whole dessert platter. The chocolate square is just some chocolate moose served in a different shape.

Truffle Fries

We ordered this separately and it tasted pretty good when served piping hot. I also realized that many tables ordered their truffle fries too. This is still not the best that I have tasted. But I wouldn't mind paying $12 for them again.

Price: $12

Address: Asia Square Tower One 8 Marina View #01-05

Food: 3.5/5 Burps
Service: 3/5 Burps
Price: 3.5/5 Burps

Saturday, 2 February 2013

金华 slice fish bee hoon

I have not been out hunting for new places for food in Singapore as I am under a no carbo diet recently. I will resume my normal diet on CNY and start to blog on new places to hunt for good food!

A month back before I started by diet to loose weight for CNY, we went to maxwell market to try out the famous slice fish bee hoon. We wanted to just have a simple lunch before we head off to Ann Siang Road for a mini photo taking tour.

As usual there is always a queue and since it was a Saturday and slightly off lunch time, the queue is relatively short.

We ordered the fried fish bee hoon. The soup is very thick and rich in flavor  It is probably the best fried fish bee hoon that I have tasted. I like my fried fish bee hoon with milk added which gives the soup another level of flavor  I do know that some people doesn't quite like it, but I believe the soup will still taste as great without the milk. Ultimately, the soup is the natural flavor from long hours of boiling I believe.

Longan Drink

Lao Ban Beancurd (老伴豆花)

I am sure there is no need for me to talk much about it. I believe more than  half of the Singapore population would have tasted it themselves. This is my favorite tau huay and it is the best dessert after some local hawker food.