Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chock Full of Beans

This cafe is hidden far in the east and we made a trip down specially upon seeing some really cute coffee art about the coffee we made there. So for the first time in my life, I came to Changi Village in the morning.

We didn't need to wait for too long before we can get a good seat outside. Luckily the weather was pretty fine that day when we went.

So we asked the staff what kind of coffee art can we choose from for our coffee. She said if we have any specific choice, we can let her know and she can get the barrister to try to do it. And if we do not have anything in mind, they will just do any random picture on it.

So we chose Spongebob...

And Minion for our morning flat white!!! It is really cute and we took many pictures of them and almost cannot bear to drink them. This is something that can really brighten one's morning! Unfortunately, the coffee was so-so to me. It's not as thick and fragrant as what I expected. But the cartoons did score some extra points.

Strawberry Shortcake

We didn't request for the doraemon deco on the plate that served the cake. If I had known that I can choose, I would have requested for something else. haha! Anyway the spongecake was pretty soft and spongy. The cream is sweet and thick. But nothing really special about it.

Price: $$6.50

Cubano (Ham and Cheese) Sandwhich 

The filling consists of Parma ham, roasted pork,, swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and Aioli sauce. The wholemeal bread was soft and nicely toasted. It looks really plain from the outside, but there is actually a thick layer of parma ham in between the breads. It taste good with the melted cheese and it's really filling too for breakfast.

Price: $13

Portobello Benedict

The poached eggs are really runny inside and they are done just nice. Portobello are grilled and goes really well with the egg and the homemade toaste. B likes it but I am not really a mushroom fan, so this will not be my choice to start a day.

Price: $12

I do think that the price is slightly steep considering that the location is way out of town. Other than the Cubano sandwich, I would say that the rest are just pretty normal and it wouldn't be very worth it to travel all the way down. But if you are nearby, I guess it doesn't hurt to try it out... especially the coffee art.

Address: 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090

Food: 3/5 Burps
Service: 4/5 Burps
Price: 3/5 Burps

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