Saturday, 6 April 2013

Rice and Fries

This restaurant is newly opened for about 2 months or so. Situated at Kembangan and the price is really affordable. Was introduced to this place by a friend as the place is open by her friend. My friend was singing praises about it and I know it is s MUST try after several read ups online too.

When we got there it was only about 6+pm and there were ample available seats. I thought this is pretty common as the restaurant has newly opened and may not have enough advertising to draw the crowds. But seriously I was very wrong when it was about 7+pm. I didn't realized how packed the place is until I heard the owner telling a customer that there is no available seat currently. When I turn round to peep, indeed all tables have been taken.

I have tried ice water with lemon and green apple before. This is the first time I'm trying ice water with strawberries and I must say that it is indeed very refreshing and with a strong taste of strawberries. Wise choice! The owner also shared with us that they do try out using other fruits as well.

Chicken Wings with Mango Chili Sauce

It comes in 2 drumlets and 2 chicken wings. The sauce is pretty good. A little sour but not very spicy. The chicken wings is quite normal to me though. But they do go well with the sauce.

Price: $4.80

Potato Wedges with Cheese Dip

The wedges is normal but I do love the cheese dip. I dipped the fries served together with my main with the cheese dip. Wedges are served pipping hot which is a good thing. But do eat it with care. The wedges are serve in a huge portion and some of the wedges are really huge. Totally worth the price paid for.

Price: $4

R&F Pork Chop

I like the pork chop as the meat is soft and not overcooked like most of those that I have eaten before. It comes with 2 large piece of pork and this is really filling. The garlic BBQ gravy tasted just like any BBQ sauce. I would prefer those mushroom kind of sauce instead.

Price: $13.80

Rosemary Chicken

The chicken is tender and is topped with mushroom ragout. The red wine sauce goes well with the meat. The fries served together will be better if it is a bit more special. For example, if it does comes with different flavor or perhaps huge thick cut deep fried potatoes.

Price: $9.80

Beef Ribeye Steak

According to my friend, the beef is nicely done and is one of the best seller here. It is served with potato gratin instead of fries. It is a huge piece of beef and I think it totally worth the price.

Price: $24.80

Lamb Shank

I didn't try the lamb shank so will not be able to describe the taste of it. But for those who loves eating lamb, it is a MUST try according to my friend. The meat is not tough and again the portion is huge. It is served with mash potato.

Price: $24.80

Potato Gratin

We ordered an extra portion of potato gratin as my friend highly recommended. And I have to say that he is right. It would be good to change the fries served with the pork chop and chicken, to potato gratin instead. However, it is not possible to change it but you can get a separate portion with just $3.

The total bill comes up to only $85 and there were 4 of us! This is really cheap. Looking at the receipt, you realized that there isn't any additional taxes imposed. So basically whatever that appears on the menu is the nett price.

As the place is newly opened, the owners do not have any helper in the kitchen other than just the chef. There is only a chef cooking which is why when the crowd comes, the customers may have to wait a little longer. But i have to say that the wait will be worthwhile.

Address: 484 Changi Road

Food: 4/5 Burps
Service: 3.5/5 Burps
Price: 4.5/5 Burps


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