Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles

Went there about 2.30pm and there was still a queue when we reached. Not surprising at all actually. And we were glad that there was a queue instead of seeing the stall close for the day. So we queue for about 20 mins or so. This is consider rather short because I queued about 1.5 hours the previous time because I came during the lunch hour about 12.30pm.

There was this old lady queuing in front of us and the lady boss insisted her to take a seat as the floor may be slippery. When her noodles was ready, the auntie asked the old lady to go back to her seat and she will bring the noodles to her. By the way, it is suppose to be self service. We were really touched to see this as the lady boss herself is not young too. When it was our turn, she chatted with us and told us that it is dangerous for old people to fall and so she insisted to bring the noodles to the auntie instead of letting her carry by herself even though it is suppose to be self service. Uncle came out from behind the stall and started chatting with us too. He told us that he has been standing ever since 5am. They did not have any helper because they used to have one who stole their money, thus they decided not to have any. Uncle showed us his hand from all the washing and peeling of prawns over the years.

Auntie showed us her hand as well and surprisingly they look really smooth for her age!

They also told us that after tomorrow (24 Mar 2013) they will be close for a month because uncle has to go for eye surgery. Hope uncle recovers soon so that we don't have to miss his prawn noodles for too long!

We asked them to pose a picture for us and they are sporting enough to give us a big smile!

We ordered the $8 portion, one dry and one soup. The prawn noodles come in $3, $5, $8 and $10. For big prawns you will have to order $8/$10 portion. Both are just as good seriously. Just like what uncle said, you wouldn't feel thirsty after drinking the soup. True enough I didn't feel thirsty like how I always will after eating most prawn noodles. The soup is really rich with the taste of prawns. It is thick  and really tasty. Uncle also told us that they will fry the pork lard and shallot themselves. The dry prawn noodles taste extremely yummy because of the fried pork lard and shallot. They added that for soup one as well. The prawns are really fresh and uncle told us that he prepares the prawn only when customers order so that the prawns are not left there for too long. This is also the reason why the queue is slow moving.


While we are eating, uncle came over to have a chat with us as they have finish selling everything and they have close the stall for the day. He told us that a lot of customers complained that his wife (the lady in the picture of course) has bad attitude. Some scolded her online and was spread around the hawker center. He then defended his wife and said that she is a kind hearted lady. If she sees pregnant ladies queuing for the noodles, she will demand the husband of the pregnant lady to queue up and carry the noodles instead. If the pregnant lady came alone then she will insist to bring the noodles to her table. And yes, we just witness her thoughtful side awhile ago. Uncle also said that he has many regulars and there is this group of Japanese who will patronized his stall regularly because they love his prawn noodles. He will serve them first even when there is a long queue because these are his regular customers who have been supporting him for 20 over years. There are also some VIPs whom he has to give face to and thus he will also allow them to skip the line. However there are customers who will be very unhappy about it and scolded him or his wife. When he told me this I thought it was fair for him to serve these regular customers and VIPs first since they have been buying and supporting him for decades!

So if you would want to have a taste of this already very famous prawn noodles, you got to be patient. The queue can be very long and slow moving because uncle and auntie are already old and they do not have any helper. I would say that it is worth queuing for hours to just drink that soup and I will definitely visit again.

Address: Blk 41A Cambridge Road #01-15 Pek Kio Market and Food Centre

Food: 5/5 Burps
Service: 4.5/5 Burps
Price: 4.5/5 Burps

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  1. Hi I have been going there for the last few weeks but stall was closed, maybe they decided to retire ? Anyody can confirm ?