Saturday, 2 February 2013

金华 slice fish bee hoon

I have not been out hunting for new places for food in Singapore as I am under a no carbo diet recently. I will resume my normal diet on CNY and start to blog on new places to hunt for good food!

A month back before I started by diet to loose weight for CNY, we went to maxwell market to try out the famous slice fish bee hoon. We wanted to just have a simple lunch before we head off to Ann Siang Road for a mini photo taking tour.

As usual there is always a queue and since it was a Saturday and slightly off lunch time, the queue is relatively short.

We ordered the fried fish bee hoon. The soup is very thick and rich in flavor  It is probably the best fried fish bee hoon that I have tasted. I like my fried fish bee hoon with milk added which gives the soup another level of flavor  I do know that some people doesn't quite like it, but I believe the soup will still taste as great without the milk. Ultimately, the soup is the natural flavor from long hours of boiling I believe.

Longan Drink

Lao Ban Beancurd (老伴豆花)

I am sure there is no need for me to talk much about it. I believe more than  half of the Singapore population would have tasted it themselves. This is my favorite tau huay and it is the best dessert after some local hawker food.

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