Monday, 10 December 2012

Five and Dime

After hearing so  much about it and that I finally convinced myself to wake up early on a Saturday morning, we headed down to River Valley for brunch at Five and Dime. When we reached, we were warmly greeted by a lady who asked if we had made any reservation. We did not! Thank God there are still available seats for the 3 of us.

These really caught my attention and I couldn't help but to ask the friendly waitress if they sell them. HIRO, Ding Dang and TORA! They used to be my favorite when I was young. I'm sure these do look familiar to some of you.


The same waitress who greeted us at the door took the initiative and gave us each a name card so that we can make a reservation the next time we visit. She also show us the lunch and dinner menu which they would not bring it to you normally as we were having breakfast. Thumbs up to her service and also the friendly smile that you don't fail to see it on her face. And I have to say she is the only friendly one working there.

Brunch Menu

Beverages menu

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu 

 The interior

Flat White

Price: $6


B had the cappuccino and she feels that there isn't much coffee taste and it is a bit too milky.

Price: $6

Strawberries and cream

E ordered this and I have to say that it taste really great. Its sweet and rich with fresh strawberries taste.

Price: $12

Fish and Chips

B had the fish and chips and personally I will not order this again when I visit the place next time. No doubt the serving is huge and $20 is ok for the portion served but I feel that it is too oily to have for brunch. Or rather, I wouldn't order even if its lunch or dinner. The fries is extremely oily and it makes me feel a little unwell after eating.

Price: $20

Mentaiko Pasta

This is awesome! E gave me a spoonful to try so that i will be able to review on it. It was really good. It has the taste of mayonnaise sauce mixed with Mentaiko (明太子) and the combination is really good. I will order it the next time i visit! 

Price: $18

Buttermilk Pancakes with additional Breakfast Potatoes

I am not a fan of pancakes and the reason that I ordered this was because I wanted to have something that is not so filling. I added a serving of breakfast potatoes too. You can choose if you want to have bacon or sausages as one of the sides. So it also comes with this fruit salad and maple syrup.

The pancakes are real fluffy and thick! The butter served on top of the pancakes are really nice and salty. I hate unsalted butter, so this salty one served here matches my liking. The breakfast potatoes have got some herbs taste and at the same time still able to taste the potatoes. Its definitely much better as compared to the deep fried handmade fries served together with the fish and chips.

Price: $15 + $2

The pancake is thick! I managed to fished only one of them and the rest of the sides.

Total bill: $92.98

I do feel that the price is a little steep, especially for the drinks. Especially the coffee are not exactly fantastic, $6 a cup is on the high side.

Address: 297 River Valley Road

Food: 3.5/5 Burps
Service: 4/5 Burps
Price: 3/5 Burps

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