Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Tiramisu Hero

The first thing that you get amazed by this place is the layout and the doodling on the wall. You see white ladders sticked on the ceiling and the white walls make the place look bigger, cleaner and brighter.

Seriously, even the toilet! It makes me wanna stay in the toilet forever. It is so clean and when you look up, there are so many colourful poms poms hanging from the ceiling.

Baked Chessy Chicken

The boneless chicken leg is baked with cheese, served with mushrooms, greens and some biscuits.

Price: $17

Bangers with Mashed Potatoes

I do like the mashed potatoes as it is not too mashy and I can tasted some small chunks of potatoes. The taste of the potatoes are strong and it is thick too. The sausages are a little dry though.

Price: $15


We ordered 2 MommaHero. One is chocolate and the other is Horlicks. Both taste just as good. I have tried the Milo flavor one before and I like that even more.

Overall, I would say that I only enjoyed the Tiramisu. The food was so so. And I guess for the same price, I can get much tastier food. I would really love to see improved version of food served here as I really like the layout of the cafe.

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt road

Food: 2.5/5 Burps
Service: 3.5/5 Burps
Price: 3/5 Burps

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  1. I visited this cafe on Xmas eve and had a bad experience with their service. However, I felt that their food is mediocre and overpriced.

    For my version of the review, pls visit: