Saturday, 17 August 2013


We've crossed 10,000 readers! 

ok... I know 10,000 is just a fraction of what those popular famous food blogs out there. However it is quite an encourage to me and also a sign showing me that there are readers out there and people are checking out this blog. I didn't expect that I will ever get 10,000 readers since I merely update the blog once a week since this is not my full time job. Thank you to those who have been hitting this blog every now and then when you needed some idea of where to BURP! I hope you do find it useful. I started this blog because I benefited a lot from many food blogs when I just can't think of where and what to eat. I'm sure many of you would have faced the same problem at times. And during times like that, food blogs come to the rescue! Thus I decided to start one to help those who do face similar difficulties every now and then.

So thank you so so much for dropping by! I will continue to blog at least once a week, sharing what I have explored. Please also feel free to drop me comments on where is worth visiting to leave my BURP!

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