Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sim's Place Prawn Noodles

Situated at Bendemeer Market and Food Centre, there is a prawn noodle stall which is always seen with a long queue at most times. They usually finish selling the prawn noodles after lunch time.

I like this prawn noodles because you are able to substitute prawns for something else. I usually prefer to have pork liver and intestine. If you are a pigs' organ lover like me, then do opt for this instead of the usual prawn.

Since it is famous for it's prawn noodles, therefore I ordered the prawn ones to post it instead. You can see from the colour of the soup how thick and rich the taste will be. Yes it does looks very plain because there is only prawn, beansprout and noodles. Don't be deceive by the looks of it. I have ordered the prawn noodle soup but add another 50 cents to get an additional bowl of soup. It taste good by adding in some chilli powder too.

Address: Block 29 Bendemeer Road Bendemeer and Food Centre  #01-42

Food: 4/5 Burps
Service: 3/5 Burps
Price: 4/5 Burps

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