Saturday, 15 June 2013

Peperoni Pizzeria (Zion Road)

I've been to the Peperoni Pizzeria at Greenwood Avenue a couple of times and this is the first time that I am here at the branch at Zion Road. Everything is pretty much the same. I read reviews which commented that the food at Zion Road was not as good as the one at Greenwood. But I can't really testify that since the last time that I've been to Greenwood was few years back and I can't do a direct comparison. But overall, I would say that the food here at Zion was good.


The toppings include pineapple, bell peppers and ham. The crust is really thin and the layer of cheese on the crust makes you want to finish every single pieces on the plate. Unlike those typical thick crust pizza which fills your stomach quickly with those thick dough!


The toppings include 3 kinds of mushrooms. Button, Shitake and Porcini. I'm not a mushroom lover but still I tried a slice of this to have a taste of it. Surprisingly I'm pretty ok with it even though it has nothing but just mushrooms. Different kinds of mushrooms.

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma

Toppings include parma ham and rocket salad. I'm a lover when it comes to parma ham. This picture doesn't do justice to this pizza because the generous serving of parma hams are right below the greens. Every slice of the pizza guarantee you a mouthful of parma ham. Bravo!

All pizzas cost $19 as we have ordered just the medium size for all. As seen in the menu, the pizza are all priced the same and are only differentiate in terms of the price by the size.

Al Nero di Seppia

This is the best squid ink pasta that I have tasted. My choice of pasta was Tagliatelle. It is a little spicy and the mixing together with the chopped tomatoes gave it a more appetizing feel. Can't get enough of it.

Price: $23

Carbonara (Kids' size)

You can order a share just for your kiddo if you have brought any along. You just have to select the flavour and then choice of pasta and let them know you want it in kids' size. The cabonara was good. But i was never a fan of it as the cream always overwhelmed me and I can't finish the whole portion.

We have also tried the All' Aragosta (Seared lobster pasta) but have totally forgotten to take a picture of it. It was nothing fantastic actually and the half lobster that comes with the pasta doesn't have much meat. Price: $35. Not worth the price.


The Tiramisu is a MUST TRY for the Tiramisu fans! The portion is quite big and it will be good to be share.

Price: $13

Address: 56 Zion Road

Food: 4/5 Burps
Service: 3.5/5 Burps 
Price: 4/5 Burps

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  1. Wow! I really like this pasta very much. It looks so delicious..

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