Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wimbly Lu

And finally after hearing so much about this place.... we are here!!! It is definitely not the easiest place to find and it will be very inconvenient if you do not drive or the cab driver doesn't know the place. So activate your GPS to guide you to the place. Well if you have been to Cajun Kings and did not realize that Wimbly Lu is just next to it, now you know where it is.



So there was a long queue when we arrive and they do not take reservations for Fri and Sat night. We reached about 8pm and waited for about 20 mins which was very much ok.

Do get a queue number from the staffs when you reach else you will be waiting in vain like us for the first 5 mins.

Hazelnut Butterscotch Bar

I'm a number one fan for butterscotch dessert so when I saw this at the counter, I know I am so going to have it. It is a little hard to cut but you just have to get it right the first time and the subsequent cuts will be smooth. As you can see how generous they are with the hazelnuts within the butterscotch. Its not just crumps of hazelnut but the whole hazelnut itself.

Price: $4.50

Root Beer Cake

It looks just like a normal slice of brownie. Well indeed it is but the special part about this the taste of root beer when you popped a piece of it into your mouth! It really surprises me even though I already know it is not called the root beer cake for nothing. This is one of the signature, so try it! The portion is very small for this so basically it gives you a reason to order another desert!

Price: $6

Waffle with Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream

The waffle is thick and soft. The texture is good and the taste is excellent. It looks very simple but is really one of the best waffle I had. There are many other flavours of ice cream such as salted caramel, Milo, chocolate truffle and more. We chose the honey cinnamon hoping that the can get to taste the honey ice cream we had in Italy months ago. But the cinnamon taste has cover the taste of the honey. But overall it is still good.

Price: $8.50

The thing that I like most about Wimbly Lu is that t hey serve you the desserts in small portion and also charging you a lower cost for the portion. That gives me more stomach allowance to try on more desserts. And of course paying just $5 - $9 per dessert is really affordable. They spoil you with choices and make you start pulling your hair because you just can't decide what to order as all just seem to nice to have!!!! Service was great, staffs are very helpful and friendly too. I can't think of anything to fault them and can't think of any reason not to visit them again.

Address: 15 Jalan Riang

Food: 5/5 Burps !!!
Service: 5/5 Burps !!!
Price: 5/5 Burps !!!

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