Saturday, 29 December 2012

Au Chocolat

B found this new place and we visited it today after going to The art of the brick at the Art Science Museum.

Au Chocolat consist of 3 different parts, the bistro, the patisserie and the confiserie. We had our dinner at the bistro and we are able to place our order for the cakes at the patisserie where the staffs will bring it to us later at the bistro.

Their huge open concept kitchen. It keeps my eyes real busy while waiting for the food to come.

Truffle Fries

They uses the thicker kind of fries which is also the kind that I like. The serving of the truffle fries is huge and the both of us were unable to finish them. It should be good for sharing for 4 if each person order just a main. The truffle fries is not the best that I have eaten but definitely one of the best.

Price: $15

The Great Carnivore

The toast was soft and tasty especially after spreading the butter on it. The bacon is cooked till crispy and the omelette is wrapped with mushrooms, ham and cheese. You will be able to choose scramble eggs or omelette for this dish.

Price: $20

Mushroom and Chicken Crepe

B had this and although it look as though it is small and unable to fill the stomach.... looks can be deceiving. Its actually very filling and perhaps due to the cream sauce, we were unable to finish the whole dish. This tasted so-so and we definitely will not order it again the next time we visit the place.

Price: $18

Lychee Rose Macaron

The macaron is not the usual size. It is probably about the size of a palm without the fingers. It is a little to sweet and we have to drink lots of ice water to neutralize after eating this.

Price: $7

Kalamansi Meringue Tart


I am not a dessert person but I do like lemon tarts. This lemon tart looks beautiful and tasted sour on the inside and sweet on the outside. The crust of the tart tasted just nice and with the right texture too.

Price: $7

So after our meals, we walked around the Confiserie where they sell sweets and chocolates and even gelato! We bought the smallest cup with a scoop of caramello gelato. This is nothing as compare to San Crispino we had in Rome. The gelato here is a little too hard and it is not smooth enough. The smallest cup cost $4.80.

Overall the service at the Bistro is rather slow. We waited for awhile before the food was served. The main dish was just ok, not totally fantastic. But there are many variety that we can choose from and I believe we will be back for more different choices next time.

Total Price: $77.81

Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue #01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Food: 3.5/5 Burps
Service: 3/5 Burps
Price: 3.5/5 Burps

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